Ice buildup between glass and retractable sunroof visor (Stalactites)

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Post by Ovuvuevuevue___Osas »

It's been cold lately in my area of Norway (-15°C to 0°C ) and I have noticed ice building up on the inside of the sunroof.

I drive with the sunroof visor shut so it will insulate and lose less heat, but that may have turned out to be a mistake.
If this ice thaws, where will the water drain off? And if it thaws and freezes repeatedly, will it clog any drains and start to overflow and leak inside the car?

Who knows? Anyone else experiencing this too?

I'll keep you posted and provide a photo soon.

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Post by ChesterUK »

Do you have any pictures of this?
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Post by jcharouz »

My glass roof actually cracked from ice freezing and thawing in the areas where it connects to the metal body of the car. had to get it replaced last winter.
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Post by MattHero »

I have tended to drive through the summer months with the blind closed (to keep the cabin a tiny bit cooler, no idea if this works or not mind you) and realised when I saw this thread, that it was *still* shut, even though I tend to open it in winter. And yes, there was significant amount of condensation, but luckily not - due to the lower temp here - any actual ice. I've been blasting the heating last few trips to try and dry everything out and to prevent any further drips into the cabin. I wonder whether my HVAC use (I rarely use the AC, just a blast to keep screen clear) have exacerbated this somehow?
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Post by Ray244 »

This year we had snow and ice and the water leaked through my glass roof and onto seat.
I also have had condensation build up behind screens when brand new and still occasionally happens when cold.
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