Faults and Technical chat for the Honda E
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Interesting as I would say my brakes inspire confidence, I am not sure I’m qualified to comment on feel. By contrast my XC90 brakes are less inspiring than the e, incidentally since I put all season tyres on, which in turn is more confidence inspiring than a gas guzzling Range Rover Sport I had prior.

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londiniumperson wrote: Wed Jun 26, 2024 5:07 pm Interesting!
This is Dany528's first post here, and it includes a video link. The Honda e's brakes are generally considered sufficient. Makes you wonder about the motivation behind the post, doesn't it?
I own 2 Honda E so I decided to turn one into something more sportive. Geniuenly I feel safe with the original brakes but why cant it be lighter? I mean E is a heavy car for its size so making it lighter even a few kg is goood for the speed up, plus Im not sure if the car can handle over 150km/h on stock parts. Thats the reason Im looking for an upgrade. The video is just a refference because no one does and project on honda E. Even honda does not give any update to the car(Sadly)
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EEEE wrote: Wed Jun 26, 2024 8:43 pm Regardless of whether the original brakes can take a beating or not with regards to heat dissipation, much more important for fast driving is brake feel.

The brake feel on the e is just absolutely terrible. Either the pads are made from wood, or the simulator interferes so much with their working as to make any improvements to the actual braking hardware a waste of time.

I suspect changing to a harder pad wouldn't help as the simulator is interfering with the hydraulic circuit so the feedback is false.

For a new car, I can honestly say the brakes do not inspire confidence. This is coming from a perspective of having a car used on track with mild braking modifications.
strange, i've never had that impression ... for me, braking seems very well balanced.

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I think it's time for a big Honda e meetup so we can all check and compare each others cars lol.

It's not that the brakes feel unbalanced, but that the feel is very smooth and soft. They are designed for comfort braking, not fine modulation requiring good feedback through the pedal (EG, the pedal should feel absolutely rock solid). I suspect this is because the brake pedal simulator has some 'give' in it so that it can increase/decrease the actual brake pressure with respective to the motor regen.

One of the best mods I made to the prelude with regards to brakes was the changing of the pads to something much harder, braided lines, rebuild master cylinder, twin pot callipers. All of that made such a massive difference over and above larger discs/twin pot callipers on their own. I was never happy with the feel until I rebuilt the master cylinder and put in the harder pads. Now the pedal is super firm and braking very easy to modulate.

In the E it kind of feels like I'm squashing a damp sponge beneath my foot. No doubt it does brake, but it never feels good in the pedal. The fluid was bled at one of the services, and only a very slight improvement was noticeable on the journey home, but absolutely nothing to write home about or get excited about.
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