Quick Plug-in charging system problem

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SpainMalaga wrote: Sun Aug 27, 2023 9:52 pm Same problem using a Tesla v3 charger with my Honda e in Malaga (Spain). I had uploaded once before with CCS but there was no problem.
So you charged once and there was no problem, only the second time?
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Primera vez en Tesla. Cargó normalmente pero al finalizar la carga avisó del problema.
First time at Tesla and the system broke.
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Right - just to add my spin on this ongoing story here in the UK, I received my first Red Flashing Charging Port Light of DC Death yesterday. I was driving a 200-mile trip and stopped to use one of Osprey's 50kW CCS DC chargers at 49% SOC (connecting using my Electroverse account). It connected fine, and began charging up (with blue charging port light pulsing) and completed 11.7 kWh in 33 minutes, which certainly isn't averaging 50kW, but closer to about 35kW - but I'm assuming slows down as it gets closer to 80% SOC. (Slighty off-topic here but it'd be fabulous to have a working ODBII device on the Honda e to monitor ongoing charge rate!). Anyways, just before finishing, the charger seemed to disconnect and then reconnect again - and when I got out to unplug at 80%, the Red Flashing Light of Charging Port DC Death was there, with the Charging System issue symbol (an orange car impaled with an exclamation mark) on the dashboard.

Being at 80% SOC, I gave it no thought and headed on my way with only 140-odd miles left to do (obviously requiring another fast charge at some point) - and stopped off at a GeniePoint 50kW CCS charger an hour or two later and plugged in - and instant Red Flashing Light of Charging Port DC Death - the charger trying to connect and then throwing up a "Vehicle error" on the charging point touchscreen and disconnecting. I called up GeniePoint who confirmed that the charger was working - but reset it anyway - and I tried again, same issue. Switched to AC Type 2 Mennekes and started charging immediately at a 7.4 kWh.

I recall reading (with thanks from ever helpful @EEEE!) that disconnecting the charger, opening and closing the bonnet, and powering the car on and off might clear the issue - but to no avail.

Another hour on and I tried again at a Costa Instavolt CCS 120kW charger - same Red Flashing Light of Charging Port DC Death. So popped into a Sainbury's nearby and charged at 7kW - but it was getting late and I bailed rather than wait another hour to get sufficiently charged up, arriving home on 16% SOC - which I try to avoid as an obstinate 20-80% SOC EV user away from home.

I plugged into a 7kW home charger and charged to 100% SOC overnight - but the impaled orange car symbol is still there on the dashboard.

I've called a local Honda dealer - and they've asked me to drop the car by in a week or so (when I'll be passing back through). I'm hoping that it will just be the "clearing of codes" as others have mentioned here - but am also still in-warranty (so luckily!) if something else more fundamental is required. One thing to state here - I've seen mention of disconnecting the 12V battery to reset the system - but the Honda tech guy I spoke to suggesting absolutely not doing that - as it would clear any error codes which they might use in their diagnostics.

Anyways, I shall update fellow Forum members next week - and luckily have no major trips planned and can "survive" on my home 7kW AC charging for the time being...
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Recap; in my case this has happened twice with one specific charger. Another charger, of the same operator, right beside that one worked normally. The operator (Plugit Finland) finally informed me that they have investigated the chargers and have found no faults. Likewise, apparently I am the only user who has had such an issue with the charger.

Honda dealership says there's nothing wrong with the car, charger operator says there's nothing wrong with the charger, yet the same problem has occurred twice. Fantastic.
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A recall has been issued for "Pud warning lamp on quick charge failure detection", which is supposedly the Tesla problem. Go here:

https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/owners/rec ... dates.html

and type in your VIN.
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Post by ZeroEmissionRequiem »

Thanks! Looks like my car is affected.

...what is "Pud"?

EDIT: This post on another forum implies "PUD" is short for "product update".
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