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Post by ilBaku »

Today I launched Aquarium when the message "license expired" appeared on the screen and the app was automatically deleted. I tried to reinstall it from the Honda App Center, but there are no apps available on the market. Has anyone else had the same problem as me? Any ideas to solve it?

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Post by Verone »

I've never heard of this before from any e owner, but I know that when I take delivery of mine in January, this is one of the first things I'll be deleting myself :lol:
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Post by Isow »

Yes, I had the car serviced, 2 years old , and the aquarium app had disappeared when I picked the car up.
I had to re book the car in so that they could re install the aquarium software.
I hardly look at this app nowadays but I missed it when it wasn’t there.
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Post by Ste1 »

Would the location option have changed? I couldn't get any apps to show until I changed the location to the UK.
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Post by ilBaku »

with my smartphone I went to , consulted my profile, the Aquarium app is purchased and with a permanent license. But nothing appears on the Honda App Center of the car. I don’t know why Italy location should be a problem.
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Post by Mambosasa »

Hi, So, this post actually helped me as I had the same issue.

As far as I can tell, you need to:

1. Ensure that the car is connected and telematics enabled.
2. Ensure that you have an account and your app on your phone is fully configured and connected to your car.
3. After connecting your car to your mobile Wifi (seems to only work with my mobile hotspot for some reason), in your car, go to App Centre and ensure that your account is registered (enter in your email address and password
4. Once all the above is done, if the app is not on there, you will need to, log in using the same details, you will see your apps there, including the fish, click on purchase and click to the end. This will not charge you anything (at the moment)
5. Once done, go to your car, ensure that its on wifi, go to the app centre and you will notice that there's nothing there initially. To trigger the download, go to the profile details and change the country to your country. Do this even if you have done this before.
6. The above will then trigger a download and restore your app that you could then install.

All set!

I hope this helps you and others. I had a hard time working out what needs to be done as there's nothing online really explains what we need to do if the fish go missing :)

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Post by Banana Jack »

Just in case anyone arrives on this page with the same problem, please note that the Honda App Centre is no more (it shows a misleading error message "No network available"). So if your Aquarium app gets deleted, the only way of getting it back again is to re-install it using a USB stick. I did this successfully yesterday. Please see this forum post for more info:

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