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Post by ZoeDave » Sun May 07, 2023 6:17 pm

Hello all,

Posting just in case someone has had the same problem with CarPlay and found an easy solution.

iPhone 14 Pro and 2021 car. Had the phone over 6 months and at first it was a bit picky using wireless or plugged in, so ended up using wirelessly with charging from the power-only USB. Worked great for months, but then started to occasionally freeze until the next trip. Once or twice the image was corrupted, but usually just froze and when switching back often was just completely black - no audio either.

I even thought it might be interference as at least once it happened when a motorbike went past. But now I can't seem to get it to connect properly at all, and even using wired today it still failed within a few minutes. I've tried 'forgetting' the other device on both multiple times and reconnecting, but still no joy, even though everything else on both car and phone seems to be working fine, including bluetooth earbuds with the phone.

I know that the next step is likely to be resetting things and losing settings etc, but as that's such a pain in the nether regions, any and every suggestion as to what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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Post by MaXPainT » Sun May 07, 2023 6:54 pm

I had a similar issue with wired android auto after checking a notification on the phone while it was connected with android auto to the care. The image had frozen, then I was getting only audio and after reconnecting black screen with nothing on it.

I am not sure what exactly fixed it for me since I did many things while troubleshooting, but I ended up believing that restarting the phone did the trick.

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Post by ZoeDave » Tue May 09, 2023 9:39 pm

Thanks for answering! Wireless CarPlay seemed to work ok today so we'll see...

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