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A guy on one of the Facebook groups is reporting that the V2 super chargers still throw at error on the E, post update. Not good.

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MainMind wrote: Tue Jun 25, 2024 3:25 pm In Spain Honda is already applying the update, the national traffic agency (DGT) has also notified all owners about the free process at the dealership.
It may be related to the checks and response time (timeout) between the car control unit and the charger during the charging check process?
And indeed there were 2 more, one of them from the water pump. After the update it seems that the autonomy has improved

Only city:
My car got the update last week. But at the moment the mechanic connected the car to the diagnostic system and made a failure code check, the range jumped from 149km to 177km. He made no update at this time. Luckily after the update the range didn't go back to 149km. And since then my car has a total range of more than 200km. In the last 2 years i never saw more than 190km. But now easy over 200km.
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It's called GOM (Guess-O-Meter) for a reason...
Until you really drive from 100% to around 10% and see what the actual range is you can never be certain.
But I would like to see the OBD2-Data...
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You can't increase the range of a battery, you can adjust the software if it was conservative on cell rotation to increase battery life long term to be less conservative and that would lead naturally to an increase in display milage between charges.
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