Rear windshield wiper arm and heavy snow

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I was surprised this morning, we've had heavy snow during the night with above zero temperatures.

The car was absolutely covered with a 10cm layer of dense wet and heavy snow. Not uncommon where I live, but i noticed that the wiper arm on the rear window was under a lot of tension from the weight of snow. So much that it bounced up 5cm at the end of the wiper blade when the snow was removed.

I've never had this happen on any of my previous cars, so it seems as if the rear window wiper arm is quite fragile and flimsy.

I urge all my fellow Honda E owners to lift the wiperblade off the rear windshield when parking during snow and avoid damage to wiper arm assembly.

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Post by bogga »

Thanks for the tip
David Terry
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I took the e to a brush car wash in Budgens Chiswick. The car in front left with the petrol cap cover prised open. But when I felt the brushes pass overhead it was quite violent. Sure enough to my horror it pulled the rear wiper up to vertical and away from the glass. Before the brush came back I drove off and spent 20 mins arguing with garage , eventually settled for a refund and a free bottle of plonk. The cover over the spindle is cracked but it's working normally. A bad experience - hand wash only in future!
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