Windscreen crack

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Post by igb » Sun Mar 12, 2023 3:52 pm

I've just had the windscreen changed on my 22 plate Advance.

The crack started from the driver's side A pillar, about half way up, and extended about a foot across horizontally.

Autoglass ordered the part, but said it would be several weeks. I decided (as it was going in for a service anyway) to see if Honda would do it under warranty, as it looked like a stress fracture and I couldn't find any impact point.. They agreed, but by the time I had got enough information in their hands to order the part Autoglass had actually got a Honda-marked OEM windscreen, and fixing it was more important than the £75 excess. I ended up at the Autoglass training centre in Birmingham and the guy who did the work, who appeared to be one of their managers, pointed out the very small impact mark near the A pillar and said that impacts where the glass is supported from behind (a) don't leave as large a mark and (b) often result in cracking. Whatever, they did a tidy job and the car's fine. Nearly four weeks to get the glass, though.

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