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Post by PaulR »

Hi there!

I recently bought a Honda e and I have been driving it for over 1 month. I must say that it is really fun and I am happy with the purchase.

However, the sky window is constantly wet and if I leave it open the water drips on me in the morning. This is only happening with the sky window. The other windows also get condensed but not to the point of dripping wet.
Should I contact the seller because the car is poorly sealed? Or have any of you experience that same thing? :D

Best regards!

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Post by pauketju »

I have the same issue in Bergen. But not in summer, autumn.
So it is condensation collecting on the highest and least ventilated point.. I dry it sometimes with a cloth and on longer trips it disappears and stays gone for a couple of days.
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I live in a very damp area and noticed that there is a more than "normal" amount of condensation in both of our cars (e included). I bought a small, plastic dehumidifier and tucked it behind the drivers seat. Maybe try that and see how it goes after a week or so?
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Hello! Welcome!
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