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Post by Knuttt »

Just ordered one of the low mileage dealer cars that seem we to be popping up at the moment.
Mrs Knuttt will be doing most of the driving, I’ll get to play with all the toys and any accessories I can find. 8-)

We currently have a Smart 42 ‘58 plate, as she likes small cars so this feels so much better to drive and she feels more confident about the increased size because of all the cameras.

We also have an MG5 for holiday trips with the bicycles etc. but she will be looking to carry her bike on it int he future so need to look at Towbar fitting etc..



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Post by 5thcivic »

It was interesting to see an article on second hand EVs to buy recently. The E was always highlighted for range, but the electric Mini, the smaller Fiat 500 and the small BMW effectively had the same practical range. I suppose the Advance might have been more expensive than some at the time, but we got a shed load of tech for the money too. I don't regret getting mine, the best driving pleasure I've had. Pity it isn't an only car, but for a second local trip car brilliant.
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Post by green1 »

Good luck, hope the car is everything you wish!

On the range, 5thcivic, as a new owner I’m positively surprised on the range estimates I’ve been getting - around 150-155 for normal city driving at this time of year, (about 75% mix of 20-30 mph roads and 25% of 40-60 mph), one passenger, 17” wheels. It’s not great, no, but it is significantly better than the max WLTP of 125 quoted in the advertising. Although I havent used the AC much recently, might have something to do with it :lol: .
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