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Our E Advance arrived today. Didn’t think too much about insurance and went to add it to our existing Aviva multi-car policy online. 3 attempts to do this on the website and two phone calls later, Aviva refuse to insure the E on multi-car even though they’ll quote you on a new policy via comparison sites. -Weird. Tried to get them to explain why and they it’s a risk-rating decision to do with the car. Apparently they’ve done this with some other EVs. We’ve had to go with another company with a standalone policy for the time being.

Maybe something to be aware of come renewal time if you’re with Aviva…

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Yes - The insurance angle was a surprise to me too. I've always had my insurance via an insurance broker who uses underwriters. They couldnt get a sensible quote at all and said it was due to lack of statistics on claims involving a Honda E.

They suggested I look at an insurance comparison site and I found that Churchill gave me a very good quote.
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Weird, I am on an Aviva multiyear policy and simply switched from the car I was trading in to the Honda e.
No change in the overall policy cost.
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I’m 57 living in rural Worcestershire. Garaged, Fully comp, with class one business use, 8000 miles and protected NCB = £220 with £150 xs. I took the Institute of Advanced Motoring test and have been a member of 13 years. Which helps. So thru IAM Surety.
I found the e same price as my Mini JCW.

There will come a point when insurance companies realise BEVs are no higher risk than ICE. Until then use comparison sites to get the best deal.
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Yeah, I didn’t find it expensive to insure ultimately (we’re boring 40-something non-criminals living in a low crime area) but I was just shocked that Aviva just turned the E down.

They said:

“ Unfortunately I can confirm that we're unable to cover this vehicle - our underwriting criteria means that we've declined cover and this is not something that we can change. I'm really sorry about this, I know it isn't ideal.”
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I should add they’re perfectly happy to insure us on a 400bhp XC90 costing more than double the E…
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Had no problem insuring my e with Direct Line. The initial premium for 2020 was very reasonable, although it increased this year.
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LV= Happy to insure me 76 years young Living in Somerset £228.60 + Vw Move UP £166.43 Platinum White Pearl Advance on R17 Michelin Sport Can't believe it's so good to drive makes me smile to think I'm driving around a battery with 4 wheels on it !
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Weird we are on Aviva multi car policy on the e, no issues at all, have they just changed their policy I wonder?
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I notice car insurances have fallen into line and they do not appear to take into account risk.

With my car soon to arrive are there any preferred / recommended insurance companies I should get quotes from?
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