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This morning after not driving for 3 days the 12 volt battery was obviously low and although the doors unlocked I ended up with a keypad on the right hand display.A power down and restart got everything going but does anyone know what you are supposed to enter in the keypad?

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Never seen that before.

When my 12v went flat, after some 12v charging, it came back on juts like normal with no funny business.

I suspect that maybe the keypad was 'left over' from when you last shut down 3 days ago - possibly a reason why the infotainment might not have turned off and gave you a flat battery? 3 day seems a little shorter than what most people report when they get a flat 12v.

The only place I have seen a keyboard is when joining wifi (to enter the key) or using the built in satnav, or on android auto.
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