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Post by hondaeboy » Thu Feb 23, 2023 1:08 pm

Because I'm more of a hypermiler than a speed devil, I was wondering if anyone had found a route planner that actually allows you to plan a route based on if it gives you the highest amount of range, in stead of quickest arrival time or shortest route. So far, all route planners only seem to account for either time of arrival or distance or some variation of that. But I've noticed that the quickest is often the most draining on the battery. Especially for leasure, I don't care about the quickest route.

I have tried quite a few already, including the most obvious, such as Google Maps, A Better Route Planner, PlugShare, etc. Google Maps seems to have an "electric car" route option now, but it doesn't allow me see or change how the various variables are weighed. ABRP also has a lot of customisations, but it involves me actively telling me how fast I will be going. And I hate antipicating taking 80 mph highway while knowing that I have to drive 50 mph to extend the range. I recently started using the paid version of Tom Tom, as it seems to have a couple of more route planning options (fast, short, shortest, efficient, and thrilling), and a few more options to exclude certain things along the way (tunnels, border crossings, unpaved roads, highways, carpool lanes, toll roads, ferrries, shuttle trains, etc). It does allow me to kind of approximate what I'm looking for based on the range curve, but ideal would be a route planner that would just tell me the top 3 routes that use the least amount of kWh, while still driving the maximum speed of any of the roads you have to use.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?


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Post by milligoon » Sun Feb 26, 2023 4:20 pm

Maybe worth comparing them to the range indicator option within the built in Garmin.

Don't forget you'll need to factor in weather type and wind direction to factor into the calculations
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