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If like me you have decided to keep you car beyond the initial 3yr PCP you might be interested in this on YouTube. It concerns charging routines v. Battery life and is based on research by Universities. If you don’t drive very far each day, and can limit the % you recharge to within 15-20% it seems that battery life can be extended by years!

And if like me you are still using the slow granny charger at home, that is another thread we might explore. I believe frequent ultra slow charging is kinder to my battery - just my opinion.
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It's well known temperature is the major factor, and the faster the charge the higher the temperaure, so slow charging will prolong life of the battery. However the secondary factor is full charging, again it's known that charging between approx 20 and 80% can prolong life compared to 100% and most particulary letting it go to 0. However Honda do not charge the battery to 100%, even when the dash says so, and the micro decides which cells get charge in rotation, always saving a proportion, and we also have a cooling system. I believe constant superfast charging (as fast as we actually can!) can degrade the battery over long time, but although granny charging may well be better I don't think it will be that much of a difference to a standard home 7kW charger in practical terms or even be particulaly noticeable over the long term, other usage factors will outweigh. I am a low milage second car user, at home I charge to 90% and recharge when get below 40% or so as a compromise to Honda's manual info to charge after every trip. You might ask if it was not necessary why does the system give you the menu option not to charge to nominal "100%", I think the Honda engineers will have designed a reasonable lifetime for the battery even under heavy use, I would trust their expertise more than some other makes.
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