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Just wondering what Miles show up from a 100% charge on your Honda e ?

My Honda e is from 12 dec 2020
getting 85miles showing on 100% charge at 7*C

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116 miles
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stefruit wrote: Sun Mar 03, 2024 8:56 pm Just wondering what Miles show up from a 100% charge on your Honda e ?

My Honda e is from 12 dec 2020
getting 85miles showing on 100% charge at 7*C
It's entirely dependent upon what was the range calculation prior to the latest charge, based on that set of trips. It's no more intelligent than that. It's not giving you an estimate based on air temp or specific battery condition other than current SoC.

So my latest was 127miles. But it can vary from 110-150 depending on what trip occurred prior to the charge.
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Mine is about the same. My commute is only about 12 miles, and shorter journeys in between, so my average consumption is only about 3.1miles/kwh in the last few months (about 2k miles).

It is best not to look at the number, it is better to understand how the car works:

1) lower driving speed is better, Traffic is good for economy. High speed is particularly draining. It's counterintuitive as most long journeys involve dual carriageway or motorway where the speed is high (and efficiency is low). This is why the WLTP measure of 120/130miles is rather unhelpful to my mind. I would never dream of taking the car that far (I'm on 17s).
2) continued cold weather is bad, battery needs heating which is a big draw (perhaps 5% points of total for a journey). Multiple journeys are worse because the battery cools down in between. It's not like petrol - this is why I find the 'miles remaining' mentality quite unhelpful. Pre heating the car cabin from the mains can save you a couple of percent perhaps.
3) the ambient temperature per se doesn't make a difference. In the same way 50kilos of snow in a snowman in your garden will survive many days after it gets warm outside, so does the thermal mass of your battery pack (few hundred kilos of metal). Prolonged average temperatures are what determines how much heating the battery needs. 1 cold day doesn't really make that much difference. a few days of no-usage and parked outside in the cold/wind will soon affect the efficiency however.

I tend to think of the car as having a max 80 mile comfortable limit in UK mild winter (start at 100%, cold car, cold ambient season, 3 or 4 separate journeys max in a day). Anything more than that I start to have to think about it (and heaven forbid think about public charging, or more realistically use another car).

Others may disagree, but the car is quite useless if you have unplanned emergency Journeys. I tend to keep at 100% 'just in case' as driving back home to get in another car can be a bit of a detour depending on the emergency.
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For what it's worth:
I'm finding, if I limit my speed to 40mph max, I gain approximately 20% on range compared to the actual distance travelled
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