Since opening bonnet yesterday app says its open still

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Has anyone had the app keep saying the bonnet is open when it is not?

I usually go in to full windscreen fluid up and yesterday i went to see if i could see where the cog things are to lower the headlights and since then the app says bonnet is open.

It does not say it on the car screen so unsure if it would or not on the car screen.

Also even though the app updated the car info 14 mins still popped up saying can not connect to the car even though its litterally told me its charging.

So i am unsure if the app is messing about and its updated the info for certain things and not the bonnet being open/closed from yesterday.

I checked the bonnet, opened it and made sure the seals and nothing was blocking it shutting...its definitely shut correctly

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Just the app being crap. The bonnet is trickier to close than normal due to the double latch and thin frame around the charge port. However, the car will warn you if the bonnet isn't shut. As long as the car isn't warning you, I would ignore the app.
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