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Thanks everyone getting the car tomorrow.

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rickwookie wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:56 pm
Trykpaa wrote: Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:08 pm
rickwookie wrote: Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:34 pm Do you have and more info on this Trykpaa?!
No? What kind of info are you thinking of?
Well, if it’s a recall, shouldn’t we all be aware of it?!
How can you tell if the plastic thingy is fixed by the recall and if it's not can you do something to prevent it from scratching the paint until it's fixed?

Any photos to give you more detail?
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i am lossing paint along the back edge of the bonnet, no contact with wiper arms

honda data dont work, heading to dealer now

plus points

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So, my e had arrived at the dealer yesterday, and they are fitting bits & pieces including number plate, and I'm going to pick up on Saturday :P
It's supposed to be 'click & collect' (don't know what the difference, perhaps no red carpet & champagne!?)

I did read through this thread thank you, I will check the paint works etc as suggested.

I had also specifically asked about current app situation, having read many problem here, but the dealer guy assured me that his e customers are happy so far :? - he sent me the link regarding Honda + app, I did installed it on my iphone and progressed just before the 'pairing'. He told me once they register the car they will activate it and I will be able to use the App.

Anything I should insist/make sure there and then, whilst I'm with them? I won't subscribe for any addition for now, just would like to check the basics.

Anyway I'm so looking forward to meet my new toy - even though there is nowhere to drive to apart from food shopping at the moment!!
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Hi all, will soon be having my honda e delivered and there is alot on this thread to check the esim is activated in normal mode. How do you go about checking this please?
Thanks in advance :)
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