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SwissChris wrote: Sat May 08, 2021 10:55 am Since a couple of days I am trying a new "locking technique": Only touch the sensor field on the door handle very, very briefly (after the side window moved up a bit), do not leave your finger on it until the car locks. So far I can report a 100% success rate, but maybe thats a coincidence and I am keen if someone could try it out as well.
Thanks for posting this: it definitely works for me too!

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yes 100% success rate on the 6 times I have tried so far - quick press and release - I think lingering on it confuses the sensor! I had found that double tapping it seemed to work, but seems that you only need to do it once!
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We need to treat our Honda e like a hot potatoe, then it works :lol:
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Question regarding locking the car using the button in the tailgate. The setting for keeping the headlights stay on after the car is locked is off so:

When I lock the car using the remote, the car locks as expected and the lights go off.
When I lock the car by pressing the lock button in the tailgate the car locks as far as I'm aware but the headlights stay on which makes me nervous so I always re-lock using the remote.

Any suggestions as to why this happens?
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