Honda E p/x For new honda Jazz

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Well the Honda E has gone in p/x, now have a new 2023 Honda Jazz EX Style e:hev in metallic red. Dealer allowed £ 2400 more in p/x + free ? mats than I paid 15 months ago with 15000 miles on the clock. The ongoing 12 volt battery problems I suffered now seems to have been solved after the fully charged 12volt battery was fitted. I was sorry to see it go but circumstances have changed and I don't think I can rely on the public charging to be available or working 24/7. Would I have another one Yes.

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I have the EX too, a great alternative for long trips. You can hear the engine when foot down but most of the time very quiet, especially in summer. Now the engine will come on more for a/c heater etc. For me it would be perfect with a wider screen with 2 displays like the E, camera mirrors and the all round view reversing. It is much the same size as the E but with simply amazing room in the back and boot, the E is pathetic in comparison, and those magic seats as a cherry on top.
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Seems to be a common choice.
I also ordered a Jazz EX Style after selling my E to the dealer at the end of August . I am due to collect this coming week.

I also wish it had the 360 view for parking, the rest I wont really miss.
The additional practicality and long range ability will be the biggest plus points for me, oh and of course I wont miss charging in the winter. Seems that most public charge points have no overhead weather protection.
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