Daily topping up the battery bad?

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londiniumperson wrote: Sun Apr 16, 2023 9:34 am
Reuben80 wrote: Sun Apr 16, 2023 8:43 am Not a lot to add to what have been already commented, just that you will realise that a battery is dying when it is too late and you cannot fix it. So prevention is best here. Even if you think that it might be a waste of time experiments show what Hondaeboy wrote. It does not hurt to charge at the lower end of the SOC when you can afford it. That is what I do too. 20% to 60% roughly.
For smartphones there is an app called accubattery. It tells you how many cycles you will use when you charge from certain % to %. if you believe in it you will never charge at the higher end of the SOC.
This all depends on your personal circumstances and use case as well as whether you own or lease/hire the car. If it’s not owned outright then the battery degradation is of no concern to the driver.

I understand your comparison to a mobile phone, however the phone and car battery BMS are completely different with the phone system very crude in comparison a car BMS. One clear difference is that a mobile has zero top/bottom buffer.

If you’re happy only having use of 40% of the very low capacity battery then keeping it between 20-60% makes sense, however those of us that need more than 30 miles range in winter couldn’t live with such a limitation.
Yes it is not for everybody but the starter of this thread said that he uses 35% only daily so my suggestion to him is not to charge 35% at the top end. If you can afford it why not. I always know how many km will do the next day so I charge accordingly.

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They say "variety is the spice of life" so I always vary my top limit. Usually charge at home to 80% or 85% - only use 90% or 95% if I'm planning a long journey. I prefer not to charge to 100% because I usually drive slightly downhill for first 2-3 miles in One Pedal Mode so lots of regeneration initially. And I find the extra predicted range is very small. When Tesco still had free Fast charging, I might let car charge to 100% but only on the odd occasion. However as others have stated 100,000 miles or 8 years warranty should give you peace of mind. So don't worry too much. Also I find predicted range at 80 - 85% is good, and adding an extra 10 or 15% to battery doesn't increase range by the same proportion. Efficiency is the key. Why pay more to top up with extra kWh if you don't need to use it that day.
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I normally work days charge to 80% as in theory it'd give me two commutes (in reality it doesn't esp in colder temps) + given lot's of road works and detours I need the safety margin, at least once a month I charge to 100% I have DC charged only twice in its life so I am not overly concerned in reality, for whatever reason mine seems to like hot days 30-35 C that is when my battery performs best in terms of economy (maybe the lack of heating requirements helps a lot?

I keep looking at other cars while a lot give more range because of bigger batteries they don't exactly have that much greater efficiency overall apart from a few, probably as they are expending a lot of that energy lugging the extra mass around.

I even looked into the buzzforkx from Toyota as in one review it mentioned a 600000 mile warranty on the battery, but I can't find that in writing on Toyotas uk site. see https://www.motorbiscuit.com/2023-toyot ... -warranty/
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Same here. 30-35C even with A/C on is more efficient than something like 15-20C. Another place where I see a dramatic efficiency drop is when the temperature is below freezing. For some reason -2C makes the car much less efficient than something like +2C.
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The manual says (page 574)

“To help extend the lifespan of the battery, it is recommended you fully charge the battery each time prior to driving.”

So that’s what I’m doing.
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Well with the warmer weather my battery would appear not to be to bad.

I guess if my daily charge routine had effected it badly there's no way it would be returning these figures, completely different to my normal commute, I went down to Poole yesterday to check out the new smart and was concerned about the range🤪



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