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Highanddry wrote: Sun Jul 02, 2023 5:29 pm A belayed welcome on Swiss roads :-)

The V2G solution I would order in a hard beat if they price is not so absurd.
With solar panels on the roof and clouds praying on them, there is always a good moment to take advantage.

But what a fantastic car it is, that we can even use it a battery!

I fully agree! I would've installed the V2G already, if it didn't cost me had half a car. 😬
2021 Honda e Advance on 16" RC30 wheels with Goodyear 195/55 & 205/55 tyres.
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Nice to see I am not the only one from CH 8-)
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I am seeing a few more cars recently. It's a cool car I think. Though I would change for a bit more reactive suspension...
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Small warning, we do greet each other in Switzerland !! :D

(weirdly enough I greeted one while i was taking a run along the road, so without car, so excited I was to see one, which gave a bewildered look) :lol: :lol:
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