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I was super curious about this so I had a drive around a couple of dealers here in Reykjavík yesterday as there are five for sale in the country and generally all dealers store their used cars outside if they're on site, where you can see them while they're closed.

There's a black Advance that was registered 07/2022 for sale that's done 7,000km, and it's in pristine condition, there's not a mark on it all around. Luckily it was sat at the dealer when I called by, so I managed to get a good look around it.

Given that they've stopped selling the e here in Iceland in preparation for the arrival of the e:NY1, I'll be interested to see how long it's on sale for. It's advertised at a price that's at 92% of retail for a new car (Kr. 4,590,000 vs Kr 4,990,000 new) so I'm curious to see how long it lasts, given I've had a LOT of people comment on mine since I got it a month ago, asking what it is and where I bought it.

There's also four more on sale here, all silver, and they all have significant paint damage. One's done 18,000km (registered 12/2020) and another 19,000km (registered 10/2020). Both are base models that have a few chips in the paint and black parts on their front bumpers. A third one (advance) that's done 28,000km (registered 09/2020) is similar, with a couple of marks in the paint on the fenders around the sides of the headlights too.

The worst by far though is a silver base model that's done 32,000km (registered 10/2020) and its front end looks like the surface of the moon.


This is the photo from the dealer's website, and you can actually see some of the damage from a distance. There's a few red highlights around some of the visible stuff, and some of the stuff that can't really be seen in the pictures that you need to be up close to spot.

This one has visible rust in a couple of large paint chips in the leading edge of the hood, the biggest is visible in the picture to the right side of the charge port on the leading edge of the hood. It also has some chips on the leading edges of the front doors, and the PPF on the bottoms of the rear doors is badly pitted from stone impacts. It seems like it's been driven on gravel a lot, or the original owner is a WRC fan.

I've had mine a month, and the paint is holding up amazingly well, so I think that perhaps this might be an issue with specific colours and how they interact with the clear coat when it's applied.

I've seen a charge yellow e that was a couple of years old that looked immaculate, and a couple of white ones (including one white base model that my company owns as a pool car which gets viciously abused), and they all seem to have paint that's perfectly fine.

Keeping a close eye on my own though, and have already bought a couple of repair kits from Honda, plus all the supplies I need to make paint repairs for when the inevitable happens.
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