Window not fully closed when door locked

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MainMind wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:53 pm
Also, i will try:

This process works in Honda E and solve the problem.
I'm having trouble understanding the procedure for calibrating the window because nobody explains it clearly. I have a few questions:

1. Should I always open the driver's door, or should I open the door I am calibrating?
2. Should I always use the driver's side window buttons, or should I use the window button on the door I am calibrating?
3. In the video, they mention "second position" on the ignition lock. Does that refer to two taps on the Honda E power button?

Additionally, I've noticed a potential issue when calibrating any of the windows on the Honda E. The windows don't have trims, and the procedure requires the door to be open. This seems problematic because the window would always go too far up without a trim.

When I followed the instructions in the video with the driver's door open, I attempted to calibrate the passenger's side window multiple times. I rolled the window down and followed the steps shown in the video, but the window remained down and wouldn't move up at all from the driver's side. It appears to enter some sort of calibration mode. However, the only way I can get it to rise again is by using the button on the passenger's side, and it works perfectly fine there.

Furthermore, the auto up/down feature never stops working on the window, indicating that the procedure may not have been done correctly. I've tried various methods such as holding the button down for 5 or 10 seconds, pressing up and down, and using auto up and auto down, but the window always stays slightly too low. While it goes over the seal, preventing water from coming in, wind starts to come in when driving at 120 km/h.

The most ironic part is that I initially had a problem where the window would make a thumping noise and move up and down slowly. I took it to the dealer, where they recalibrated the window, and I was initially happy with the fix. However, the first time I drove at 120 km/h, I noticed that the window doesn't go all the way up. It seems like the dealer recalibrated it "slightly too low," possibly by placing something between the glass.

Unfortunately, the warranty on this vehicle has expired, and I fear that I'll have to bear the cost of the dealer's mistake, as is often the case. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could provide the correct instructions for calibrating the passenger's side window accurately.


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