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Post by EEEE »

Not sure how relevant it will be to the UK market (even if its available here). Apparently the US price is only going to be $1000

I quite like the original Motocompo but prices are silly for an amusement piece of little practical use.
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Post by Smeemi »

I don't need one but im buying one to put in the boot of my E. Pure nostalgia.
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Post by Mailforkev »

Is it pretty cool alright but pity the battery/range is so small. ... -unveiled/
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Post by londiniumperson »

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Post by Verone »

Mailforkev wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 2:19 pm Is it pretty cool alright but pity the battery/range is so small. ... -unveiled/
Sounds familiar :lol:
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Post by iHansz »

I love it. But, why only available in the US?
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Post by Highanddry »

If you call a scooter a riding toilet, then this is riding suitcase...

Weird and not directly appealing to me ...
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Post by ZoeDave »

My thoughts:

1. I want one!

2. Given that if you bought a new e today, you would be paying £40k for a (fantastic and iconic) shopping trolley/golf cart, it seems like really good value. Electric Bromptons are at least £3k.

3. I don't know what I would do with it. I highly suspect that it will be illegal to ride either on the road or the pavement in the UK, and the extent of my expansive private estate (which I acknowledge I'm very lucky to have within the M25) will get me at most 30M in any direction - and that's being both creative and probably suffering painful collisions with two wheelie bins in the process.

I still want one...
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