Tesla Supercharger Network Opened To Non-Tesla In UK

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Yeah, if anyone has updated anything it's much more likely to be Tesla than Honda! But sure, if I use one again I'll share the results here!

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RecklessEngineer wrote: Fri Nov 17, 2023 12:15 pm Mine's a 2020 Advance, any idea where I can check the software version to see if they match?
Are they not all 2020 Advance models in the UK because they have never been revised?
Yes the website 'How Many Left' has 86 licensed standard (non Advance models) but from my experience of that website as well as the DVLA records, I don't believe that any standard e's were ever sold in the UK via official Honda dealers.
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I went to the dealer thinking about the standard model, but he said straight away they don't have any, would have difficulty getting one, and the advance was what everybody bought if they were buying an E. Now is that what the told everybody? I don't mind, I'm happy I got the advance.
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Had to stop at the same Supercharger in Wokingham earlier today and it charged absolutely fine, no issues. This was our first long distance motorway journey in the E, was a bit of an experience using public chargers! Of the 4 we used, 2 had faulty chargers that required us to move on to the next services or move parking spaces. The Tesla one just worked, they've definitely got their act together compared to the other companies we used!
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