Mileage so far?

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It's great to have you here. I've been driving my Honda for about 3 years now, and I've clocked in roughly 25,000 miles. It's been a mix of short commutes and a few long drives here and there. I totally get what you mean about the surprise mileage during lockdowns. I guess those "essential trips" and occasional drives to keep the battery alive added up faster than we realized! Safe driving and look forward to seeing more of your posts in 2024 calendar here! 🚗💨

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Just passed 52k km and I'm two weeks from 3 years on the dot.

Average over the period since a software update reset the counters is 15.0 kWh/100 km (49k km of mixed driving, mostly short city/rural trips).

Edit: Almost forgot: The longest single trip between charges was 173 km (98% -> 3%, practically all motorway at 80-90 km/h), but that did take an "everything off" approach and a slight tailwind.
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Now up to 36,623 miles


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32000kms at 3 and a quarter year. Wife's got a new job at half the distance and lockdown is to blame for the car hardly being used.

It find it remarkable that the little E is still by far the most charismatic and interesting cars on the market. Just the light-design leaves all other cars out there looking bland. That's quite a feat for Honda, and one that's poorly appreciated.
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Just noticed this lined up numbers this morning - had to take photo before it goes up! :D Had my beloved e nearly 3years, very low mileage I know but that's not the point...


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Me and the magic e have been together a while… coming up to auto box fluid change at 62500 miles 👍🏻


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17000 km after now exactly 3 years.
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22k miles total, 17k in 2.5years by myself.
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FDAD wrote: Tue Aug 22, 2023 8:42 am80 000 km...
Did you experience change in the range of your car after 85k kms?
Or any other issues we should worry about?
I'm only at 35k kms
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12 March 2024 - now 28,860miles since Aug 2020
No noticeable loss in range or economy. Only serious issue has been 12V battery.
First was replaced under warranty April 2022, and I have just bought a Yuasa 5000 series today.
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