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green1 wrote: Fri Jun 14, 2024 8:41 pm For owners interested, some details about this particular update. The car's fail safe error thresholds for DC charging are set conservatively by Honda, and with some brand chargers this leads the car to trigger these fail safe error codes / red lights prematurely. The error codes normally triggered by these failsafes are P1D4A and P1D4E which also apparently disable DC charging as a safety measure. I'm not sure exactly what the codes are for, but essentially something important is out of sync when the car is communicating with the charger, and when it gets too out of sync, the car rejects the charger to prevent possible damage and also disables DC charging as a further measure.

The update is supposed to recalibrate some of the error code detection thresholds which improves compatibility with the problem DC chargers. The battery charge control module will be version 1K301-61M-E040 after the update, where it was 1K301-61M-E030 before.
How can you check the version?

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Hmm very curious indeed. My car was serviced at official main dealer on the 17th of May this year (2024), and I received a printout stating stating that all modules were checked and updated accordingly, and their version numbers.

viewtopic.php?t=1595 details
Battery Charge Control Module 1K301-61M-E020

If I check my vin using the link above - my car does not need the recall.

Perhaps the updates are only 'optional' and the dealer chooses to install them only if the customer complains as having an issue, or perhaps worse still, they are tied to specific hardware revisions or years of build which we are unable to scrutinise ourselves.

I can't remember the last time I used a DC rapid charger so I'm not losing any sleep over it - but it does start to sour the experience of owning a computer on wheels when it is inscrutable and you have to rely on the 3rd party (the dealer) of the manufacturer to manage your expectation and keep you posted.

Perhaps its time to splash out on the dealer flash tool and the dealer subscription to the parts catalogue/maintenance manual/software tools! Perhaps we could form our own cooperative honda e dealership lol.
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The sheet I was shown lists the causal part as Control Unit Charge Electronic, where 2020-2021 Honda e are 1K300-61M-E02, and 2023 are 1K300-61M-E03, and it also says it applies to all year models. Maybe the old software level I saw on the sheet was just an example for the installer. I would check with a dealer. I think all cars need this although if you're not DC charging (also the case for me) then I suppose there is no rush to get it done and it can be pushed at the next service.

Half joking, but sure I'd be willing to chip in for our community dealership :lol:.
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My guess this is not a recall but a product update (pud) allowing the users to patch if needed. I believe it makes sense to do anyway to avoid getting in that situation.

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