Heated Steering Wheel – What To Expect?

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Same here, I don’t need it on for long as it gets uncomfortably hot.
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EEEE wrote: Wed Jun 19, 2024 8:28 am I've not been able to work it out. The output definitely seems higher at times than others. Perhaps I should rephrase, the length of time the heat is on seems to differ.

I can't work out if its related to the internal temperature, or the external, but something seems to alter its output. I do sometimes find it 'lacking' when its cold out , and it initially seems to deliver the goods but very quickly tapers off (Unlike the seats!).

I notice that the steering wheel switch activates a relay - that suggests the power to it is either on or off (rather than a PWM style affair). I know that some heating elements have a sort of thermostatic control built in to the element itself (PTC?) where a certain temperature is reached and a sudden resistance increase takes place (limiting the current, working a bit like a thermostat but not completely on/off in nature). Perhaps even cold hands are not enough to draw out the heat, before the rest of the element reaches the temperature and it tapers off the power output. More measurements required next time I'm probing in that area.
I am having the same, burst of heat to warm up then tappers off. Thought it was part of a feature not to wear it out. Now not sure.
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