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Post by hurricaneh5 »

Evening all,

Been looking into charging house portable batteries via the magic e as we have one of the few free 50kw chargers left in the land…., came across this interesting video…

Don’t suppose anyone knows the parameters in the e for drawing down from HV battery via DC transformer to 12v battery. Guy in video suggests the bolt is ok pinching 800w or 60 odd amps…

Anyway interesting connect especially for me

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Post by EEEE »

This is why we can't have nice things...

The moment something is 'free', it just gets abused and consumption goes up. If the premise is that the 50kw charger is provided for car charging for free, it should be used for car journeys only in my mind. That will be the reason for its existence and subsidy. Abuse of it will only lead to trouble and it end up being removed.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. I realise there is nothing stopping you using the in car 1500w plug, and you could do whatever you want with the energy after you've charged, but perhaps rethink if abuse of a freedom is really worth it in the long run. Others may disagree, but its easy to forget a privilege exists until its removed, then everyone will suffer.
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Post by hurricaneh5 »

Tough but fair answer…

To be fair the charger was just removed as the last bastion of free 50kw chargers on BP pulse just after this post poetic justice 🤣

I would challenge you rather than the cause of it being abuse,but the need for these corps to make more money, with another 150kw installed not far away and suddenly 77p for the 50kw.

Anyway just a thought quite interesting Ecoflow ecosystem… and a way of harnessing the once promised V2G capabilities of the e without the conversion losses of the onboard inverter…
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