Tesla Supercharger Network Opened To Non-Tesla In UK

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Post by nyx »

info.uk.car@honda-eu.com replied to say
Please be kindly advised that the warranty of your Honda e may be invalidated if a damage is caused by using third party chargers.

Regarding your enquiry about compatibility of Honda e with Tesla chargers, please contact the dedicated team by phone at 0330 223 5339 or by email at enquiries@honda-eprogress.co.uk
So if you're contacting them as well, I guess those are the contact details to use.

I reached out to that other email address and also wrote back
Since almost every charger (home or away) will be a "third party charger", I guess you mean that if a third-party charger behaves incorrectly rather than the Honda e behaving incorrectly, you would not consider it under warranty? Whether the Tesla issues are due to the chargers or the car doing something wrong is currently unclear and something I hope Honda is looking into as a matter of priority.

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Post by 555djx »

IMHO the Honda reply is utter BS. If their battery charge control unit fails I'd like to see how they'd prove that a third-party charger caused the problem. I'm not engaging any further with Honda, they're a bunch of numpties!!
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Post by igb »

Please be kindly advised that the warranty of your Honda e may be invalidated if a damage is caused by using third party chargers.
I think their response is poorly worded, but I have seen similar (and reasonable) statements over the years in other spaces. I also think "may" is doing a lot of work in that sentence, which is why I've emphasised it. It's not "will".

Tesla only needed to test their chargers with Teslas, and Tesla cars (let's assume) accept high voltage and current from the off. So if they properly negotiate with the car and agree 100kW (or whatever) in the right way, that's great. If they don't, and just immediately apply a high voitage with no current limit then that's blatantly unreasonable (in CCS2 terms) but perfectly functional (in Tesla terms). In that scenario, you can argue the toss as to whether it's Tesla's fault for offering a charger which isn't compliant or your fault for using it, but were a car manufacturer to say "we're not paying, you can bring a small claims action against the charger supplier" they'd be within their rights.

If Tesco (as happens on occasions) put diesel in the petrol pump and you fill up with it, Ford aren't paying for the damage to your engine. But you have an open and shut case in a small claims court against Tesco. It's not obvious why this scenario is substantially different.

Tesla rolled out in 15 obscure locations in part to gauge demand and impact on their own users, but I don't see that side of the trial delivering terribly interesting results. I'm an M40 regular, and I'd consider using Tesla chargers at Cherwell Valley, but I'm hardly doing to shlep to a trading estate outside Banbury to use one there, and nor are many of Elon's customers. But given Tesla's...looks for euphemism...considers whether he wants to be sued..."robust" attitude to public relations, I can quite see them using those 15 sites as a beta programme to find out which cars their chargers blow up, and accept that they may take some PR flak for it.
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Post by turntoport »

igb nails it.
the key here is that ccs is an agreed standard which, if Tesla are selling iaw (and they are, by default, when a 'customer' pays to use their equipment) CCS 1/2, then their handshaking and poer management should comply with the requirements - which are comprehensive. ISO/IEC 15118 'owns' this. As - to the best of my knowledge from comments on this forum - the fault doesn't seem to be occurring with other ccs chargers, we can reasonably safely assume that it's a tesla issue. But it would be good if H could discuss with Tesla to determine whether compatibility is a yes/no, 'just' a protocol issue, or a (high) power management issue. Get on it, Honda.
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Post by Larbor »

What’s worrying about the Honda E is the lack of over the air updates, and the lack of communication from Honda with regards to updates you might get at the dealer.

If it’s a Tesla issue, it’ll be resolved quickly. If it’s on the E’s side: don’t hold your breath.

I love driving my E, but I wouldn’t buy it again.
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Post by FDAD »

Larbor wrote: Sat Jun 04, 2022 6:45 am I love driving my E, but I wouldn’t buy it again.
Honda is classic car brand that lacks direction in the software department... From Mercedes to BMW to VW, Ford everyone had their own software department... Something that Honda doesn't.
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Post by milligoon »

Data needs gathering on whether any other cars are having any issues with the TSC'S or if it's just Honda, if the latter then it'd be pretty easy to investigate.
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Post by basic »

Following the issues I had in my previous post my dealership called me to say that the Honda diagnostics they retrieved from my car have not given any more clarity on the issue but are going to contact all of their Honda E customers to warn them about Tesla supercharging the E.
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Post by pauketju »

I have had my e for a week now and don't know the status of this fault here in Norway. But i contacted Tesla and got a statement from them:
We are not aware of this error. Our superchargers must be compatible with all cars that have a CSS transition. If you experience problems with our charging posts, you can call us so that we can report with sufficient info

The people receiving error messages after charging at TSC - Are you also contacting Tesla, or just a Honda service center?
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Post by nyx »

Honda customer service have not been helpful in this regard. They won't say if they're even looking into it and redirect me to people who say the same. They said I should call a dealer, which I'm sure will tell me the same thing. But I might still give it a shot.

If anyone can think of a suitable journalist to pursue this, perhaps there's a small chance Honda would be more forthcoming?
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