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Post by Drlinkin »

Good morning all.

I recently became the (2nd) owner of my Charge Yellow e and I absolutely love it! My first EV (but possibly my tenth Honda) and I cannot believe how much I enjoy looking at, sitting in and driving the e, it’s wonderful 😎

I wanted to ask the knowledgeable people here if they have had any issues with getting subscriptions working on the ‘MyHonda+’ app?

I downloaded the app, registered and paired with the pin etc and paid for the core connectivity service last weekend, but no matter what I do it just says ‘pending’ and ‘your subscriptions are activating’ in the app.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Post by EEEE »

I bought mine as a demonstrator and had to go through the same process. I don't recall it taking a long time.

You could try the whole process once more (uninstall app, reinstall, re-pair) just to see if that kicks it into life.

Someone also posted that there was a problem if your email address contained an underscore or hyphen (can't remember which).

Looking back at my emails - I had an invoice for the core connectivity services, then 1 minute later an email to say it was activated.

This was approx. 5 days after I bought the vehicle.
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Post by Drlinkin »

Thanks mate. I’ll try the classic (turn it off and on again!) and see what happens!
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Post by Deichfuchs »

I have got the same problem with a brandnew car in Germany: the connectivity function will not successfully activate, but says „not yet activated“. This is for 5 weeks now and the support has not found a solution yet. Interestingly the activation of the digital key worked without any problem.
Have you already found a way to activation?
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Post by dokidoki »

Same problem here. New car, app successfully synced but app reports pending for core connectivity activation.

I've been in contact with Honda. They say their aware of the issue but have no resolve 😡

Strangely I do get notifications of when the car is charged but that's about it.

I've just sent them another snooty email because I expect a £37000+ car to work as advertised. Will let you know if I get a resolve.


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Post by betonos »

I’ve shared my story in another thread, same situation. Digital key is active, connectivity pending. I’m getting the charging started/stopped notofications too. Waiting for solution 2 weeks…
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Post by londiniumperson »

These are the same issues we had 2 years ago when the car was launched!
It took 3 months of almost daily phone call & emails to both my Honda dealer & the MyHonda+ support team to eventually get the app working. By the way I never even got an apology for the delay or the numerous dealer visits, emails & phone calls and still ended up with subscription that ended 3 months early due their incompetence.

It only got resolved when I demanded that the dealer sort the issue when I next left the car with them or I would not be taking the car home & I would be returning the car as unsatisfactory under the UK sale of goods act.

My experience is that you’ll either need to accept that you won’t have a working app or you’ll have to waste an inordinate amount of time pushing them to fix it and possibly have to return the car if it’s important to you.
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Post by jetbootjack »

Just got my new e - same issues for me, digital key works fine, all other subscriptions “pending”!

Annoying thing is it was all working fine on the e I part exchanged 🤪 most frustrating…

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Post by dokidoki »

So is the app actually worth fighting for? Is there a must-have function that everyone finds really useful? Given the amount of negative reviews and the whole hassle of getting it to work I'm wondering if I should just sack it off? Right now it's more of the principle rather then the actual need but if there's a killer feature than I'm prepared to fight!

Thanks all.
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Post by RAL7004 »

No – in my opinion there are hardly any reasons to fight for this software.
I only use it to check the state of charge and monitor the charging process (always charge at public charging points in the city area).
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