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Post by RAL7004 »

Only recently I noticed that the navigation via iPhone (and Apple CarPlay/Google Maps or Apple Maps) in the Honda e (Advance - i.e. with heated windshield) is disturbed: The car is always imagined 50 -100 m away from the actual position.
Do you know this phenomenon?
I suspect the GPS signal is somehow disturbed in the vehicle. If you hold the phone out of the car, the position is correctly indicated after a certain time.
Verified the phenomenon with another iPhone as well as in narrow streets and open fields....

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Post by nyx »

I've had this issue as well, and heard of others having it.

In my case I think it's been more like 30 metres off – usually on the next parallel road to the one I'm on.

I've had the issue maybe 3 or 4 times in a year of ownership.

From what I've read (see e.g. https://www.trocforums.co.uk/threads/ap ... ssue.2596/), CarPlay will use the car's GPS for Google/Apple Maps. Not the phone's. So it may be the car's GPS for some reason being off, or CarPlay misreading it.

I don't know why it only happens sometimes, or how to fix it. Last time I saw it was in the Lakes, I think, on a stretch of road I've gone down before with no issues. I know I tried restarting my phone but I don't remember if that fixed it, or if it just resolved itself after a while.

I guess an unsatisfactory workaround could be to disconnect CarPlay and use the maps app off your phone's screen when this issue happens – that should use the phone's GPS.

It would be very interesting if the next person to see this issue could check if it's also in the wrong place in the car's own navigation app, to see if it's only with CarPlay.
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Post by RAL7004 »

In my case, the built-in navigation system worked well while Google maps via (wireless!) CarPlay had the error mentioned above.
Thank your for the link!
I am surprised that CarPlay is supposed to use the car's GPS. Will try "wired" CarPlay and disconnect/reconnect wireless CarPlay (the error occurred for us only after a good two years of enjoying the e)....
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Post by EEEE »

I believe that when using android auto (and apple car paly) the idea is that the car GPS antenna and receiver is in use, and gps data is streamed to the phone from the car.

When I recently fitted a double din android auto head unit to the prelude, one of the included accessories was a GPS antenna. It must be exclusively for android auto, as the head unit includes no sat nav function of its own.

I had a problem in the e once, the position seemed to lag behind where I actually was. I can't tell if it was more than the honda wasn't feeding the data to the phone in time (software bug on the e perhaps) or if the location was actually off. I would say it seemed more lagged than 'off'.

In the most, android auto works fine in the e, but has had a few hiccups. Seems to work perfectly in the civic cable only, never once had an issue. Pioneer in the prelude also never given me trouble, but only used on a few occasions / few hundred miles....

I find the wired android auto on the e a little better at connecting, but still can have the lagging. Wireless works most of the time but can be difficult to start. When its running it seems ok with the exception of disconnecting and reconnecting in 4 or 5 seconds occasionally throughout the odd journey. Sometimes its fine for hours. Probably my phone though (Xiaomi mi 11 ultra)
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Post by milligoon »

Android auto has screwed up the nav (various apps) last few updates, it could be that.
Ex e owner
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Post by RAL7004 »

Thank you to all those who responded here.
The problem was solved after disconnecting the automatic wireless Apple CarPlay connection and then pairing again.
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Post by ilBaku »

In my HondaE CarPlay works fine only with Apple Maps. Google Play or Waze are constantly laggy
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Post by mogui »

I have the same experience. Apple Maps works really good (good precision and it shows up on the front display like the built in navigator).
Google maps and Waze, are laggy.
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Post by avoid »

Mine does the same. Location is perfect with Apple Maps but off with Waze.
It is also perfect with the internal Garmin navigation.
On the subject of Garmin - I noticed that for a few days (maybe even weeks) after updating the garmin maps, the carplay navigation was spot on too.
I don't think it has anything to do with the actual maps but maybe with a reboot of some sort that happened when the garmin part was updated.
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Post by Gerynant24 »

We've had the map error for a long while on the iPhone. After the last iPhone update we now have completely non-functional Apple Maps. The iPhone map simply doesn't move. Did I see someone resolved this? Please can you provide some details on what you did?
The internal Garmin has the position OK, so it must be something to do with the GPS streaming from the car's GPS unit.
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