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You can get Vredesteins in the 17 inch they do an all season Quadtrac Pro EV

They don't do all season for the front 16" (do for the rear) but they do have winters in both sizes for the 16" the Snowtrac 5
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vulgaris_magistralis wrote: Sun Jul 23, 2023 2:31 pm Thanks again! But you kinda talked me into the Goodyears :D I'm going to go with that. Can I ask where did you buy and get yours installed?

I was a bit lazy, and I have an extremely helpful, good, competent, and patient Honda dealer in my city, so I just let them order and fit the tyres.

I think I might have been able to save around 50 bucks on each tyre, if I had ordered them from the cheapest and/or sketchiest Eastern European web shop, but then I would've had to fit them myself. And this way I also got warranty on the placement of the tyres, aaand they were willing to give me a decent price on the existing 17" wheels and tyres, so I went with the most conviennent option.
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