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Faults and Technical chat for the Honda E
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EEEE wrote: Sun Jul 30, 2023 5:14 pm Hmm, not sure how I can get data off the device as it has no app store and no external storage (unless the mini usb could support some storage)... It has a browser actually so I can probably log in and upload direct to the site even thought he browser will be ancient. It has YouTube on it aswell lol.

Should our paths cross I can make it available. I'm off to Bicester Heritage site on the 2nd September for the 80s/90s car event (either in the prelude or if the weather is good an '86 Merc 560SL). You could bring the beat!
I went last year in the Honda e as a spectator & this year I'm booked in with the Beat at Bicester, so we might well see each other.

As, to printing a report it looks like once a scan is run, click on the report option, then save as PDF which then has the option available for it to be sent via email.
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