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Hope and should be for our beloved e as well... ... s-release/

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Post by ilBaku »

Honda is on the list of automakers partnering with Apple for the new CarPlay, but I don't think it will be installed on the Honda E. The current infotainment runs under Android OS, and I also think that a built-in CarPlay needs different hardware, not a simple software update. And even if a software update were enough, I don't think Honda would do it. It has never released one in 3 years, unlike other brands. Imagine if one is released that would change all the infotainment settings that would make most of the things indicated in the owner's manual obsolete and no longer valid.
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Post by MaXPainT »

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. This won't happen with the current E. Even if the hardware is compatible and technically it can be done, it would take a tremendous effort to test the compatibility of the new software with the old hardware. And what are the incentives to do so? To sell more of the car Honda is not willing to sell? Nah, it will be reserved for the new models as one of the key selling points.

<wishful thinking> A successor to the current E that would be named mc^2, which would have a 50kwh solid-state battery and Apple CarPlay. </wishful thinking>
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