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I hardly ever have anyone in the back seat, but the grandkids are now big enough to travel in the back sometimes. Dropping them off, then going home and switching off I keep getting the check back seat orange warning in the dash after switch off. At first I thought there was a sensor problem for the dealer (since nothing to be seen on the seats and clicked firmly in place) but the manual seems to say it will come on always after anyone has closed the back doors to make sure they are closed? Surely the door sensors take care of that? Is this warnings gone mad or have I missed something?

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There was a service fix for the rear seats sensing, has your car had this?
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If I'm correct, there are two sensors. One, for when someone is actually sitting in the seat (you'll get a symbol on the dash about who has/hasn't fastened their seat belt). The other is not a seat sensor, but a door sensor. So, when then kids leave the car, they open the door, get out, then shut the door. The car only recognizes that the door was opened and reminds you not to forget anything (or anyone) you may have put there. It's a basic if/then sensor- "If back door was opened, then show warning."
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