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Faults and Technical chat for the Honda E
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Here’s one for the techies!

I managed to catch my nearside front wing on a workbench leg in my garage. Very silly mistake, was tired and stressed, not paying attention as I reversed out. And it needed a professional repair. Because they rebuilt the front, reworking & respraying existing parts, it also needed a “camera reset”.

This was sub-contracted to “a specialist” apparently. All the repairs were excellent, but this reset caused my car to adopt some odd Time Zones, as shown below.

I have tried, and failed, to correct myself using Automatic Time Zone On setting. But no luck. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and can shed any light. It may require a Main Dealer software update/reset but because it’s now out of warranty, I’m reluctant to pay out.

I doubt there are many Honda e's driving around Vladivostock





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Have you tried to let it set to automatic for a while and turned on data and location sharing ?

What timezone do you actually need ? Western Europe Standard time would be the right choice if you are based in the UK.
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Don't be too hard on yourself - these crappy things happen from time to time. I hope you get it sorted out completely soon.

I did have to chuckle though, as in the past on here I did jokingly describe the app as showing my car happily flashing its lights and flapping its doors up a tree in... Vladivostok.

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