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From use with my last HONDA CRV(Petrol) I had a small electric pump(Michelin- Max power in normal use(7.5 amps/96 watts) for checking & altering tyre pressures. For emergencies I kept it in the boot. It comes with the type of plug that normally plugs into a cigarette lighter socket. Is it OK to plug it into a similar looking socket in my Honda e. Owners guide (page 150) maybe suggests not! However in-car the wording on cover to the plug is (12volts/ 180 watts Max). My feeling is therefore that it ought to be OK.

Otherwise is it possible to get an adapter that will allow it to be plugged into the Honda e 'AC Power Outlet' socket?

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My Honda e came with such a compressor?!
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I think it's fine since it appears in our guide.

I hadn't used this pump before but had tried vacuum cleaner powered from this socket and it was working fine.

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It will be fine.

180w / 12v= 15a , so a 7.5amp compressor will not overload the 15amp rating of the socket.
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