Crunch noise after long time sitting idle

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Post by Shhhyawn »

Hey so I've noticed a trend with my E - I've just returned from a 2 week holiday and upon picking up the car at the airport carpark, what can only be described as an uncharacteristic loud brief crunch came from the rear of the car as I began to move out of the parking space. It sounded as though the rear bumper was catching upon a curb, or a large rock was dislodging from the underside of the car.
This has happened before, also after the car was left idle for a week in the airport carpark.
The location of the noise suggests the motor - but could brakes have seized after sitting idle? There has been excessive wet and stormy weather here in Ireland in the interim. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

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Post by Verone »

This is more than likely the rear brakes binding on a little. It's nothing to really worry about if the car has been standing for a while, so long as you're not hearing the brakes binding when the car is in motion.

The sound you're hearing is more than likely the brakes releasing when the electronic handbrake drops the pressure off them, then the car starts to move and the pads unstick from the discs. This happens a lot on most cars if they've been standing for a while.

If you're very concerned and it's happening regularly when the car is in daily use, then you should get it checked out, but for the best part this is kind of expected and happens on most cars.

Hope this helps!
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Post by 5thcivic »

Sounds like my noise after washing wheels and putting away in garage for a couple of days. brakes rusted a little and crunch and tiny jump when first reversing out.
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Post by MaXPainT »

This indeed sound like brakes, especially with the remark that the weather was wet. I am getting similar sounds after washing my car on the weekend and then driving it on a weekday. Driving for some time clears the brake discs and removes the sound. So yeah, totally normal and not specific to the E :)
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Post by Shhhyawn »

Thanks for the input guys! Yeah after doing some research it seems like a fairly common incident when cars of any kind are left idle for a while
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