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Post by iHansz »

Unfortunately, I have to announce that I am saying goodbye to my beloved Honda e. I will explain why.

I am still very satisfied with the Honda, but as I have written before, I had hoped for a version 2.0 with new software for the infotainment, a software update so that you can also charge without problems at Tesla, and a choice for a larger battery.

I waited for Honda's presentation on their EV future in January and did not get the feeling, wow, I have to wait for this. I have understood from someone at Honda that a top model will be launched in 2026 in the US and Japan first and that we, Europe, will be next in 2028(!). :?

Only after that will more models come, which may also come to Europe, because nothing is certain. According to that person, it may also be the case that Honda BEV models for the Chinese market become available here, such as the e:Ny1. It is all very uncertain.

I could have continued driving with the Honda, as it still meets the requirements for the Netherlands, but last year during the holiday, on the journey from Stockholm to Ön in Sweden of about 250 km in a BYD Atto 3, it was very nice to be able to drive a long way without worrying if you will arrive and if you can charge along the way.

Because we want to travel differently than we did when we bought the e (well before Covid), preferably not flying, but by train or our own car, a car that can go further is quite nice. Of course, you can also rent a car for the vacation period, but it's nicer with your own car, which you already have. This year with the Honda or with the new one to Wales, for example. 8-)

Last summer, June 2023, in Stockholm, I saw a compact Tonka-like crossover at a dealer in the center. The manufacturer itself calls it an SUV because it sells better. But it's not that big. Long story short, there is now a Volvo EX30 in Moss Yellow color on order. It has the same features as the Honda, but no heated windshield, which is strange for a 'Swedish' car.

This will be my/our first Volvo. I/we once wanted a C30 Momentum, but the people at the dealership were more interested in each other than paying attention to potential customers. The new one is on order from another dealer by the way. :roll:

Could I have waited for the new Renault 5? Yes, I could have, but I have worked at Renault before and want something different. Besides, I love the minimalist Scandinavian design in the interior. From 5 screens in front of you to 1 screen in the middle. :shock:

Of course, I test drove the Volvo and it drives fine, although I think the steering is a bit too light, but that can be adjusted with a software update they said. I think I will miss the camera mirrors, I was very satisfied with those.
The Volvo still needs to be made (in China...), and if Xi Jinping leaves Taiwan alone for a while, delivery will be somewhere in April/May. So I'm not leaving this forum right away.

I am very sorry, I still like Honda as a brand, but if you don't offer options, customers will leave. :cry:

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Post by EEEE »

No need to be sorry! At least the Volvo is in the right colour.

Honda doesn't have much in the immediate pipeline, which as you say is a bit disappointing.
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Post by TKS »

とても悲しいお知らせ(𝖳 𝖳)
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Post by ChesterUK »

Don't be sorry, you've got the experiences and stories to tell because you bought and used an e. You put faith into Honda's first EV venture, but sadly they appear to becoming less 'Honda' and more 'me too' at the moment. That's a shame. For now, keep enjoying the little e. I hope the Volvo provides some more interesting stories to tell.
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Post by ChrisD »

Your e will be missed in Utrecht! I'll cover for you ;) Enjoy the volvo!
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Post by RAL7004 »

Many thanks for your support over the last few years!

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