Charging at max 1.1kW (at home only)!

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Post by Vinmau »

Hi there,
I'm facing an issue when charging my honda e (154hp) at home.
At home, I have a "greenup" reinforced power socket delivering 16A AC (3.7kW), but I'm not charging more than 1.1kW or so (although my charger supports up to 16A/3.7kW).
Is there any limitation on the car side?
Important note: when I'm using fast chargers outside (supermarkets etc) on DC CCS sockets, it's working fine and I'm reaching the highest 46kW charging rate...

Do you have any clue?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help


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Post by 5thcivic »

I seem to remember 3kW charging would take around 12-13 hours empty to full, compared to 6 hours for a home 7kW charger. Is it taking much longer?
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Post by EEEE »

Where are you located?

What charger are you using? Are you using an extension cable at all? How are you measuring the charge rate? I had a discussion recently with someone who was confused by their smart meter online readout - the usage is in half hourly buckets, but he assumed the scale was in KW per hour, but it wasnt, it was half that (So his charging rate was effectively double what he had read out from the graph).

The socket does not dictate the power delivered or the amperage. The charger device will tell the car what the maximum charging capacity is (Based on its wiring), and the car will 'draw' that power accordingly. The Honda supplied charger in the UK I believe is about 2.2kw , it does not instruct the car to pull anywhere near 13amps (As most UK outlets are not suitable for continuous 13amp draw).

The charging power will not be max when:

Car is very hot or very cold
Car is over 95% charged
Perhaps when the car is very very empty.

Everything else though is unlikely to be limitation of the car. I don't think I've seen a charging rate other than 7kw+ on AC single phase charging (except during the last 10% naturally it tails off).

Rapid DC charging is not related.
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Post by londiniumperson »

Is this the "greenup" reinforced power socket that are using? ... e-mounting
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Post by E-vteclover »

I have the legrand green up socket .
6-8-10-13A granny and is working fine
Homeline is 3x2,5mm

Maybe something wrong with the charger?
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