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Thanks William. I still really want to get a service manual to see if the built in cameras could be used with a Raspberry Pi or something.

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williamchan wrote: Sun Apr 16, 2023 2:28 pm As it’s just a “maintainer” so do not expect it will charge the battery but more like slowing down the draining.

Fitting is kind of straightforward and just need to be careful when punching the hole of the firewall.


You will then need to pull out the top part of rubber seal on the rear passenger side door, check carefully and you will find a hole facing top, it is where the wire can go in and reach the tailgate.


Hope this help!
Great pics William - thanks.
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No problem at all.

I am not sure how other car perform but when it comes to my E, the 12V drops about 0.02V every hour and after quite a few times of jump starts the car in the past one year, I decided to install a solar maintainer.

When the solar maintainer is installed and when sunny day, it can top up the battery for about 0.15V - 0.3V - which is enough to prevent the battery from draining.

This isn’t an ideal solution due to weather dependency but I can’t think of a better way.

I think the bottom line is try not to draw the 12V when it park. 🤲🏻
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londiniumperson wrote: Mon Aug 31, 2020 1:27 pm I've decided to fit the Blackvue dash cam on the driver's side because I have found out that I can power it from the OBDII port (which is in the driver's footwell) using the Blackvue Conecta cable, that also has the battery discharge protection so parking mode can be used and it's cheaper & more convenient than the magic pro.
Here's some photos of how easy it was to do a tidy install. The switch on the OBDII connector switches between normal (switches off after car locked) & parking power mode (stays powered on when car is locked to capture any parking/motion incidents, subject to the low voltage battery remaining above 12v) for the dash cam.
Many thanks Londiniumperson! I would never attemt to remove the weather stripping if I haven't seen your example. Finally installed mine today on the passenger side (don't like anything in my field of vision) and it was easy as pie. I managed to wire it up under the glovebox and to the usb plugs. Here are some pics if anybody needs some inspiration from.




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